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Welcome all on our website for this exclusive FFTCG spoiler for the Opus 22, Hidden Hope !
Let’s dive into our card, Garland!

Garland is a 4CP 8000 power forward, which is the most standard stat line ever. He has two abilities, and the first one is as good as it comes : Grab a Knight from your BreakZone, add it to your hand, and it even has an EX Burst!

The second one is quite simple, play Knights, deal damages to your opponent’s forwards. Now let’s dive in the strategic details


Grabing another Knight

Getting a +1 card, on EX, while keeping your stat line is always awesome. It is specific to Knights, but Garland never was a team player as far as jobs were concerned. Now he finally joins the fray, and a lot of Knights are here to play with him. Besides good old Agrias (en) 13-086R, we also saw much recently Ramza (en) 18-015R. Play Ramza, play Garland from your Break Zone, reccur another Ramza, try to deal damage to your opponent, get Luso’d and repeat.
This ability is as strong as your best Knights, and the achertype has always been lingering around playability in the meta. Maybe this opus is the good one ?


Dealing 5000 per Knight entry.

This ability revolves around being able to play multiple Knight in the same turn. Being a 4cost in fire does not look good, unless Garland stays on the field for a full turn.
Anyway, you can use your 5k to kill smaller threats such as Rydia (if you manage her protection first), Braska, Lasswell and so on… Or just play more Knights and use 2 pings per threats. This flexibility is nice to have, unless you’re facing Cecil 16-054L obviously.


And Opus 22 Curilla enters the Fray

Did you think I was forgetting this card while doing my analysis ? The water legend have a really strong auto ability when she enters the field. She can play Garland from the top of you deck. She can also play 2 smaller Knights, even backups. This reminds us of the plague of FFTCG, Warrior of Light 21-121L, right ?
With Garland on the field, you can shoot 3 times, which should help gain tempo on the field.

Overall Flexibilty

Flexibility is one of the biggest keyword in FFTCG (second to Stability I guess). Garland can grab Curilla or Ramza (en) 18-015R, Ramza can play both of them, Curilla can play Garland or Knights to use Garland’s effect… They all fit the different situation you may be in. They’re also all weak to Mist Dragon 9-068H. It’s not gonna stop us.
There are more Knights than those 3, and I know you’re all thinking of Gawain 12-126R, or Beatrix 12-103H for instance. Steiner is also a Knight, if you find a suitable one to add your list. And they both fits this little archetype quite well, which means you just have to consolidate the list.

And who knows what Opus 22 still has for us ?

Until next time!