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Hello Luca, congratulations for winning the amazing Materia Cup of Italia!
Another achievement on your great list. For our new players, but also old ones hungry to read more about you, can you introduce yourself ?

Hi, thank u very much, it’s a pleasure for me to answer your questions.
i’m Luca Reboldi (aka LukeFinal7) from Brescia in the north of Italy and I play FFTCG from the beginning.
I play tcgs for fun since I was young, but with FFTCG it was love at first sight and I had the possibility to start a new tcg, learning it step by step trying to have some competitive results.
It was natural to invest time and money on it with the goal to win and always improve my skills and now i’m without any doubt the guy who did best results in Italy, like winning 2 nationals,
many regionals and other medium size tournaments, some online tournaments (1 with more than 100 ppl from around the world) and did top cut to many big tournaments around Europe.
Now it’s also the third time that i’m qualified at euros and the next goal is the world cup.

Stunning wall of fame. A true legend. Regarding Milan, can you tell us more about your list?

I play ice wind storm since op 13 (of course I swapped with doga, P&P and other decks sometimes), so I know it very well and i know when it can perform in the meta.
My list is a little different from other ones you can find, because I love to build my own decks, which are perfect for my playstyle.
For example, i want to see Atomos as soon as possible because I think that you need it to Storm every turn, so I play 2 of them + Nag’molada, while many others play only one and no monster searchers.
i think that dryad is a must have so i play 2 copies instead of 1.

Powerful. How is FFTCG in your country?

FFTCG in Italy count some small but strong communities with many good players, so it’s not that easy winning here and every tournament is a good training.

Luca, we’re so glad having you here, with us, on our website. A true honor. Keep up the good work ^^

I’m also very Happy about It! The honor Is all mine. Of course this is only the beginning and the road to be the very best Is still long; I’ll never stop training because fftcg is my passion and i love It ❤ I hope to appear here again soon, byeee.