Hello there ! We are happy to see you today for our Opus XVIII Exclusive Spoiler reveal! Thanks to Tim, the whole french Association, Septième Dommage, is glad to present you a Monster card! Without further ado, please enjoy… Krysta ! When Krysta enters the field, your opponent randomly discard one card from his hand. Discarding has always been a strong effect when priced correctly, and random discard is even stronger. It’s really hard to gauge the correct cost of this effect, but 3CP looks fine if it’s not just for a discard effect. And Krysta does have a second effect : It can become a forward with 8000 power if your opponent has 2 or less card in their hand. To properly evaluate this spoiler, we’ll first see which cards have similar effects and obvious synergies with Krysta. When we think about random discard, Nidhogg comes to mind, but I think a closer choice is the 2 CP Scholar, which makes your opponent randomly discard one card if you pay 1 Ice CP as an overcost. This is basically a 3CP 5000 power forward, which is a nice comparison to Krysta. Krysta can’t always become a forward, and maintaining your opponent handsize around 2 cards or less can be quite challenging. Nowadays, you’d have to play Scale Toad and/or Yunalesca, but it can put you behind on the board, and Ice usually has no comeback mecanism once behind. This means Krysta will be good if you can maintain the pressure resource wise, and will be useless if your plan crumbles. This is another card that rewards you for discarding your opponent, just like Lightning or this good old Cid Aulstyne : Several cards work quite well with Krysta. Obviously, Nag’Molada is an obious choice whenever you feel like playing an Ice Monster. You can also think of Scale Toad as mentionned, and obviously Byblos, to complete your monster package. But it’s quite slot intensive, and you might be trying to play the Toad first no matter what, and almost never using Nag’Molada to search for Krysta then. Lightning, Xezat, Orphan and Theodore can be your forwards to play around the discard. If you’re the kind of players that uses summons, Titania can also help to handle Krysta’s main weakness, its lack of impact on the boardstate. All of the above are just examples of what you can do with Krysta, of course! Maybe recurring Krysta with Mira Finally, i want to speculate a little bit on the content of this opus. With an heroic 3CP monster, we might see 1 of them printed for every color. The action ability would be the same, but the condition to activate it would differ, and the entry effect can be specific to the element too. The fire one would probably deal damage and be usable when a forward is put in the break zone this turn., Wind one could activate characters, or destroy a cost 5 or more. Action usable at 5 Backups. For Earth, I’d say break a dull Forward, or maybe a character (tied with a cost?) I’m gonna let your imagination run wild and conclude this article with two little things! 1 – Thank you for coming there and reading this far! You’re an amazing person. 2 – You can be even more amazing if you follow us on Twitch and YouTube